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Garden roses

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Buy garden roses online from Buds&Petals

From bouquets to flower vases, garden roses can enhance the visual appeal of almost anything without any doubt. Get this beautiful floral collection and make your house look more ethereal and inviting. You can keep the roses in the living room, on the bedside table, and even in the lounge.

You can now order garden roses online and give them to someone who holds your heart in their hands. There is no doubt that the roses exemplify love, affection, and adoration in a full sense. Therefore, it's an amazing way to profess your love to someone or make your dear one feel cherished and adored.

Features of garden roses to know

Do you know what factors set the garden rose differently from other rose types?

If not, do not worry! We at Buds&Petals will walk you through the characteristics of these beautiful and majestic blossoms before you place the order.

  • Most fresh garden roses grow to a diameter of three inches to four inches maximum.
  • The best thing about garden roses is that they have nine to twenty-five petals.
  • Their ruffled feathers make the flowers suitable for different floral arrangement
  • These flowers can bloom fast and transform into a beautiful fresh bloom.

Versatile floral arrangement for different occasions

From a wedding to a congratulatory wish, you can get the perfect garden rose arrangement from Buds&Petals. We have stocked some of the most mesmerizing flower arrangements. You can choose according to the occasion and give your dear one a heartfelt surprise.

You can order garden roses wrapped in beautiful colored paper as a gift to someone close to your heart. These arrangements are ideal for Valentine's day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. If you want the flowers for your home, get the ones placed in the vases and planters. This way, you can easily place the exquisite blooms at any place at your convenience.

Different colors symbolize different meanings for garden roses

Before buying garden roses online, check the color combinations to ensure your message or unspoken words can be easily conveyed. For instance, our red garden rose arrangement in the planter or the beautiful bouquet of pink roses are perfect for couples or when you plan to profess your love to someone.

If you want your loved one to recover from the trauma soon, get the flower box arrangement with white garden roses and green leaves. White is the symbol of wellness, peace, and serenity. When blooming, these flowers look so majestic that anyone can feel happy and sated just by looking at them.

Apart from this, you can buy garden roses in bundle form with a vase. These arrangements come with roses of different colors kept together, like light pink, white, peach, and light yellow. The best part is their use for making a bridal bouquet, all thanks to the exquisite and charming color combination, partial and full blooms, and well-trimmed stems.

Benefits of buying garden roses

Are you wondering why garden roses are more ethereal and pristine when compared to regular roses?

If yes, do not worry much, as we are here to solve your dilemma and make you understand how garden roses can prove to be more beautiful and elegant than regular blooms.

  1. First of all, the garden roses feature ruffled petals, giving them an inconspicuous look and making them more vibrant. Even if the floral bloom size is small, you won’t have to worry about the visual appeal, thanks to the unique petal structure.
  2. Garden roses come in different colors, ensuring a perfect décor or gifting item for everyone. This is one of the reasons why we love these blooms so much.

Buds&Petals: the one-stop destination for garden rose lovers!

You can check the beautiful and majestic collection of garden roses at Buds&Petals to choose the perfect arrangement for your needs. We have formed our collections to ensure they can instantly bring a genuine smile to the faces of your dear ones the moment they see the gift.

Garden roses aren't just regular rose flowers! Instead, they are special and more intriguing. A single flower can convey all your unspoken words and feelings that would have been suppressed otherwise. We take pride in that our fresh blooms can help you feel closer to your dear ones on so many levels.

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